Terms and Conditions

Once your booking is completed - confirmed and paid, it cannot be changed, cancelled or refunded. When your booking is completed we advise you to print a copy. We will also send you a booking confirmation via e-mail.


When your booking is confirmed and paid, we will straight away send you a voucher/e-ticket as a PDF document to your e-mail address. This voucher/e-ticket you need to print, and bring a copy to the race destination. On your voucher/e-ticket, it will clearly be stated if your tickets will be delivered to your hotel, will be send to your shipping/home address by courier or the tickets need to be collected at the race track. All information you need will be printed on the PDF voucher/e-ticket.


Ticmate (The company behind Formula1International.com) is only a ticket agent for the race track, and cannot be held responsibility for the event or force majeure. Neither can Ticmate be held responsible for any kind of transportation delays that might affect you being on time at the race, or cannot attend at all.

On Request:

For some of the races the tickets are on request. In these cases it can take until the next working day to get your reservation confirmed or declined. If your reservation is confirmed, payment will be finalized and your booking confirmation and e-tickets/vouchers will be sent to your e-mail address. If your booking is declined, we will inform you as soon as possible, and no payment will be processed.

Price and booking fees

The price you pay here is INCL. booking fee to the track, our agent and us. These booking fees mean there can be a significant difference between the price you pay here, and the price printed on the tickets you get for the race. Price will often increase as closer you get to the date of the race! The booking fees also cover delivery and selling fee to the track, our agent and us. It is important you are aware of these fees BEFORE you complete your purchase, and do you have any questions regarding these fees, please contact us BEFORE you complete your booking, as we very seldom can do anything to help you after your booking is completed.


We recommend that you carefully read our FAQ if you have any questions.

In buying tickets through this system you agree with and are bound by the terms and conditions above.

Terms and Conditions, Formula1International.com


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